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Bagan, Mandalay and a bit south

Aktualisiert: 24. Feb. 2021

If you want to see a beautiful sunrise you may go to a beach and wait till the sun comes up and enjoy the view. But if you really want to see something special the sun can do with a already magical scenery you should go to Bagan. Honestly, it's awesome! In my previous posts I complained about Myanmar and how touristic everything is. It's the same in Bagan, even worse. But the sunrise is worth it. Promise. If you have some money left, rent a hot-air balloon or just relax on a temple and enjoy the amazing spectacle when they raise into the sky.

Some minutes before sundown in Bagan. Some people are still on the way to find their temple for a good view.

If you have found a place that suits you well, the sight could look like this.

After the sundown you should bring a torch, the temples are absolutely dark and you may find some surprises inside them, as you can see in the video... ;)

Again the a sunrise in Bagan at about 5 am.

One of a hundred of temples in the area of Bagan.

A small village right next to the Irrawaddy river.

Also the myanmar people like the sundowns in Bagan.

A good place to listen to music...

...and to sell postcards to music-listening tourist.

Sun goes down the lights turn on.

Some snacks on the long way from Bagan to Mandalay.

This guy looks a bit grim but he was so kind to us and showed us his business. His people where about to prepare the newspapers for the next day while he showed us around.

If your read "handmade" on a little sign at your flip-flops it's probably not a lie.

In the very south of Myanmar you won't find much tourism but a lot of kinda dirty villages and some gigantic beaches. Like "grandfather beach" you also see the beach in the video at the top of the blog entry. As this beach is not right next to any houses or streets it's very clean. It's definitely worth to pay a visit.

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