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Arrival at Inle Lake

Aktualisiert: 24. Feb. 2021

Let´s be honest, the small village next to Inle Lake called Nyaung Shwe is ugly. Ugly and dirty. You can see that tourism has already changed the whole area, more and more hotels and hostel are about to be build in great haste. Inle Lake itself is a touristic trap. It´s beautiful though, yes, but in the first place it´s a trap. Like every tourist, we booked a boat trip across the river to the villages on the. What we didn´t know: the trip included a lot of stops at fake "ancient craft shops" and expansive restaurants. Riding on the water surface with the long boat was fun anyway, I have to admit that. Especially when the forced shopping tour was done and we went to the temple area. Unfortunately we spent far too much time being carried to stupid shops we didn´t want to see, so there wasn´t enough time left for the temple area. But let´s get back to the temples: really nice and beautiful. These were the first myanmar temples we saw on our trip. Simply impressing. Suddenly the touristic boat tour trap turned into WOW!

So, if you´re ever planning to go to Inle Lake, tell your long boat driver that you don´t want to see the shops, but rather visit the villages on the water and after that go directly to the temples and explore the area around there by yourself. There is so much more to see at Inle Lake than the inside of a shop where you can find products produced just for tourists.

long boat crowded with people and groceries at Inle Lake Myanmar

fake fisher showing his fish at Inle Lake Myanmar

This guy probably hasn´t caught a fish in years. He was just waiting for the tourist boats on his own boat, holding the little fella in front of us for some kyat in reward. I took a picture, he got some money. Both happy :)

real fisher prepares his net at Inle Lake Myanmar

This guy was actually really fishing as far as I can tell. No pretending, no acting for the tourists.

a face fisher man acting like he is catching some fish Inle Lake Myanmar

Fake fisherman again :)

Two burmese people riding along the Inle Lake on a long boat

buildings on stilts on the water at Inle Lake Myanmar

houses on stilts at Inle Lake Myanmar

A real village on the river, not just build for the tourists.

heavy boat traffic at Inle Lake Myanmar

Heavy traffic on the lake around a temple.

a temple surrounded by water at Inle Lake Myanmar

little village at Inle Lake with some mountains in the background. Myanmar

The area around the ancient temples at Inle Lake. A lot to see there despite the temples themselves.

the ancient supas and temples at Inle Lake two hours before sundown
ancient temple stupa at Inle Lake Myanmar with at statue inside

When we finally got to this place we felt like "yes that´s the place to be, and the tour has some kind of happy ending"

ancient temple stupas at Inle Lake Myanmar

Stupas on a hill at Inle Lake Myanmar

We saw these stupas on a hill some kilometers away and we didn´t have much time left but we decided to climb up anyway...

view from a small hill around the temples and stupas at Inle Lake Myanmar

The view from the hill was amazing.

"The money is for buddha, just put it into the pot" the boy told us. After we left the stupas the boy went back to the place... probably not for the nice view ;)

old woman selling herbs on a market in Nyaung Shwe Inle Lake Myanmar

On a market in Nyaung Shwe where the things you can buy are really prepared for the locals.

buddhism temple in a cave in Nyaungshwe Inle Lake Myanmar

A relaxing temple inside a vast cave some kilometers away from Nyaung Shwe.

buddha statues in a temple around Nyaung Shwe Inle Lake Myanmar

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