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Nine days in Portugal

Aktualisiert: 24. Feb. 2021

Just three hours away from the airport Memmingen hides a little country called "Portugal". It seems that the sun is shining there almost every day. Though the language sounds very strange the people there are so kind. Especially the people at the "good feeling hostel" working and staying there. Truly one of the best hostels so far. Having dinner (which the hostel cook prepares every evening) with all the guest in one room is amazing. Being brought to the beach and getting picked up there every day as well. It´s a great spot especially for people who love surf. That´s where I tried to ride some waves for the first time in my life. Not very successful but it was fun anyway.

Lissabon was nice as well even though my rental car got towed away. Yeah - it was my own fault, I din´t see the obvious signs right in front of me. The annoying thing about it was that I realized that my car is not there where I parked it 5 hours before takeoff to my flight Faro...some hours away and I had to bring back my car as well. So I hurried to the "car prison" they build up especially for idiots like me, payed 180 euros and saw that they crashed the trunk of my car. "No problem, just fill out the complaint" the stuff replied. Ha ha... As I really was in a hurry I just left it that way and did as they told me. Luckily I took the insurance with co-payment! F***! What a start into my last day!

On the way back I managed to fix the bumps in my trunk by dismounting the trim with my hands and pressing from the inside against the sheet. Finally the car rental company didn´t realize how the shape of the trunk looked like some hours before. Anyway, here are some pictures of my nine days trip. Some more will appear in the gallery in a couple of days. Enjoy.

By the way: check out my new calendar 2017 if you like my pictures.

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